At Serenity Acres Farm, we welcome and specialize PRIMARILY in 


We invite public and private school classes of elementary students who want to explore and experience farm life while working on state curriculum goals and objectives. 

  • Located within the city limits of Winston Salem, near the Pfafftown Post Office: 4325 Yadkinville Road

  • Visits consist of 2 hours of instructional and fun activities with the option of bringing lunches and picnicking

  • Activities are structured around specific NCDPI learning goals

  • Pre-and post-visit extension activities for the classroom will be sent out 2 weeks prior to your visit 

  • Grade appropriate activities will vary per the needs of the class and can be customized to meet the academic goals of the teacher

  • Learn about/interact with sheep, bunnies, alpacas, a miniature donkey, working dogs, a horse, & chickens

  • Enjoy farm games & a hayride!  

  • Homeschool groups are welcome, too!  

  • In addition to academic goals, we help children develop critical skills such as trust, empathy, responsibility, respect, self-confidence, and kindness.

  • Flexible morning times on Wednesdays through Fridays during September & October; April & May 

  • Plenty of parking for buses and cars 

  • $5. per child/student; teachers/staff are free

  • Ideal group size ranges from 18 - 44 children


Services & Activities

Why Kids & Animals?

God created a natural bond between humans and animals, and research has shown that there is a natural connection between humans and animals. Petting an animal releases oxytocin which has been proven to lower blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, decrease inflammation, increase wound healing, facilitate learning, and decrease stress. Children who are struggling with emotional, developmental, and/or physical challenges greatly benefit from petting and interacting with animals. We provide a variety of opportunities to engage children with our animals.

Animal Assisted Activities for Children 

In addition, we offer a limited number of opportunities to work with individual children with specific needs (such as grieving - working through a loss, ADD/ADHD, Autism, etc.) who will benefit from animal assisted activities. These activities are designed to comfort, strengthen, and encourage children and extend for a specific time period on a regular and consistent basis.  Parents will work with Dr. Ashby to design a plan with specific goals and outcomes. One-on-one sessions are 30 minutes. Animal-assisted activities may include petting, grooming, playing with the animals, and many other meaningful, fun activities in a safe and accepting environment.

Life on a farm provides a change of pace from the hustle-bustle and stress of normal life. Gone are the concerns of school and homework, expectations and shortcomings, technology and media. Instead, kids can play, picnic, garden, and interact with the animals.  We help create special moments to inspire, engage, and delight kids.  

Benefits of Animal-Assisted Activities

While benefits depend on strategies, goals, and the individual child, research shows that children benefit from engaging in intentional activities with gentle animals. Those benefits may include, without limitation:

  • reducing & alleviating stress

  • comfort

  • providing unconditional love

  • improving morale

  • increasing personal & social development

  • inducing a calming effect

  • developing specific skills

  • strengthening self confidence and self-esteem

  • enhancing attention to tasks

  • providing significant improvements in behaviors including autistic behaviors

  • improving emotions and emotional responses

  • lowering blood pressure,

  • lowering cortisol levels

  • decreasing inflammation 

  • increasing wound healing 

  • facilitating learning

Serenity Acres Farm