Animal Assisted Activities for Children 

Serenity Acres Farm

The guardians of the farm are Samson (Sam) and Abigail (Abbey). They are brother/sister Great Pyrenees. They are gentle and loving and great with our guests but bark to warn could be predators (like coyotes and foxes) to stay away. They are happiest when they are walking around the farm's perimeter, making sure everyone is safe.

Mary loves hugs and green grass.

Lizzy loves to be held and loved on.

Boaz - or "Bo" for short - is the gentle giant on the farm. He's a Tennessee Walking horse who spent 11 years in the show ring, 11 years going on trail rides in the mountains and beaches, and then retired to our farm for another 11 years - we hope! He's friendly, happy, loves carrots, and is a lot of fun to groom and hang out with!

Lazarus is a Shetland sheep and Mary is a Finn sheep. They both love to pronk and play.  Their fleece will make beautiful sweaters.


Jessie is our certified therapy dog who loves to run all over the farm. She is a friend to all of the animals and visitors. Sometimes her energy gets her in trouble--and Moses lets her know she can't chase the alpacas! Jessie loves children and is very sensitive to their unique needs. We've been amazed as we have watched her interact with different children in different ways--adjusting her behavior as she senses what is needed.


Moses is a miniature painted donkey and the source of entertainment on our farm. He acts like he thinks he is a dog - wanting to be petted and talked to every moment.  Moses would no doubt walk right into our home if we held the door open for him. Moses is the guardian of the alpaca herd, and he is always checking out our visitors.  Often welcoming our visitors with a loud bray, Moses is a favorite to all our visitors. 


Zeke is the baby of our alpaca herd. He is 6 years old and very sweet. Last winter he participated in a national alpaca show and behaved so well! He loves to pronk - an alpaca "jump" where he goes straight up in the air! He's very curious and will follow people around the farm just to watch. He likes to chase Jessie.


Josh is the most friendly alpaca in our herd. He is inquisitive and will come over to check you out. He loves to eat alpaca grain pellets from your hand and hang out with people. He gives gentle kisses when he decides to. He loves to be sprayed with the water hose and considers the wading pool his personal bath tub.


Caleb is the "little old man" in the herd even though he and Joshua are only 10 years old. He's the boss and can be a little standoffish. However, he loves baby carrots and will be your friend for a few treats. His fiber is white, but he loves to roll in the dirt, so you can't always tell what color he is. His fiber is very dense, and he has won blue ribbons because it is such good quality.

Meet Our Animals