As retired educators and pastors, Rodney & Liz share a love for kids, animals, and ministry. They have developed their farm with kids and therapy in mind. While the farm is an evolving "work in progress," they enjoy spending their time working with children, handling the animals, and working the land.

Rodney earned his education degree from Appalachian State University.

Liz earned her education masters degrees from UNC-Greensboro and her doctor of ministry from AGTS, with a focus on child development.


Special Needs Children:

Animals can bring great joy and peace to children who face special challenges. Your child can develop a special relationship with our animals.

OUR Mission


Meet Rodney & Liz

Grieving Children:

Connecting with one of our animals may provide part of the healing process.

All Children: We offer age appropriate, fun activities for  children to engage in with our animals. Whether they are grooming, feeding, exercising, or just petting, kids can have meaningful experiences they will treasure.

who benefits?


Serenity Acres Farm is a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status, nestled on 13 acres within the city limits of Winston Salem. We provide a step into a different world--a peaceful world where the pace of life slows, where sunshine and green fields prevail, and where animals graze and entertain. We provide opportunities for children to connect with animals and engage in animal-assisted activities designed to comfort, strengthen, develop, and build confidence.

Visitors are welcomed by 3 alpacas--Joshua, Caleb, & Zeke, a miniature donkey--Moses, 2 beautiful dark brown sheep--Lazarus and Mary, our Tennesee walker--Bo-- the gentle horse, our beautiful German angora rabbit--Peter, chickens too numerous to mention, our Great Pyrenees guardians -- Abbey & Sam, and Jessie, our wonderful chocolate Labrador retriever. All of our animals are gentle and loving.

At Serenity Acres Farm, children learn to value others and care for the animals. They learn how animals behave, what they need from humans, how they relate to other animals, and how they reflect the human emotions around them. We encourage the safe handling of animals, harmony, empathy, and respect toward others, self-control and gentleness from all individuals. 



Serenity Acres Farm

Animal Assisted Activities for Children 

... is to provide opportunities for children to engage in animal-assisted activities and have interactive, educational experiences that encourage emotional, spiritual, developmental, and physical health, in a safe and affirming environment as they explore nature and farm life.